About Our Service

AD-Films are based on the Isle of Wight and we cover all of the South of England.

The principal is Alex Denny and he has a BSc (Hons) degree in Video and Broadcasting and he is able to undertake a range of assignments  in Camera and Sound , Editing, Scriptwriting and Interviews: starting with discussing the brief with the client, finding out what they require from a video and then going out to shoot and edit the video.

What we can offer

Most companies will charge their fee and then charge for equipment hire and materials on top of their fee. So you end up paying almost double the price. However, we include equipment and materials within our fee, so you won’t be paying out for equipment hire on top of the original fee.

In terms of the types of video’s that we make for clients, we are very versatile in what we can provide. We cover everything from promotional video’s and advertisements for businesses, to events coverage, to more personal projects such as weddings and documentaries. We can even make a sting for your company if required.

We strive to bring a professional, modern and slick style to all 0f our video’s and this is what we will bring to yours. We have vast experience with many of our professional clients, with whom we do regular work for.  These clients include: Planning Solutions Limited, Wightlink TV, Tindall Consulting and Gay Baldwin’s Ghost Island.

At the moment, we charge £250 for one full day’s filming, and £100 per day for editing. In general, most projects tend to be shot in one day and then edited over the course of three days. This is the standard timeframe for most projects. We will set up a free initial meeting with the client where we will discuss what the client needs in terms of the video that they require and agree on an initial timeframe for work to take place.


Camerawork is an important addition to our services and we convey atmosphere through the use of colour and image. It is often the beauty of locations that inspire us and we know exactly how to get the best out of a location or event. We provide a very modern and unique style to our camerawork. We pride ourselves on capturing the beauty of each location via our shot composition and camerawork.


We have experience working with all of the main post production programs including Adope Premiere, Final Cut pro, Edius. However, our main choice of editing platform, is Avid Media Composer.

Our editing process includes: capturing footage, managing cuts, editing techniques to encoding and exporting. What we pride ourselves on is bringing a very unique and modern sense of style to our editing. We believe this is what sets us apart from the competition.

Video Delivery

We can offer your video’s to you via the following:

  • On a DVD
  • On a data disk in any file format you may require
  • On a MiniDV Tape
  • We can even create a youtube account for you and upload it there.

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